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Hi, I guess you are here because you are suffering and you want some answers. My name is Jo Cooper and I decided  to start this free online resource because I have had a lot of experience with diarrhea and I know how miserable it is for you.

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My background is in health care but it is my personal experiences which made me want to tackle this not often talked about subject. 

I qualified as a Registered Nurse at St Mary's Teaching Hospital, London, England and then went on to qualify as a State Certified Midwife. Along the way I also gained a degree in Education.

I have now taken early retirement but I am still passionate about health education because although we all have to visit the doctor from time to time, he or she is not there 24/7 to advise us and keep us healthy.

With this site I want to provide a go to resource for those times when you or a loved one are suffering with diarrhea and you have questions. I have the medical background to allow me to give you the hard facts but I also know how it feels to suffer frequent diarrhea.

I suffered myself with chronic diarrhea every day, sometimes several times a day for nine years until I found the answer to my irritable bowel syndrome. I have lived abroad and know how those foreign bugs can suddenly hit and lay you low or sometimes the bad guys are hiding in your own kitchen or in that restaurant down the block.

I have nursed my sister through C. Diff and I have family members suffering with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease. I want to bring you the benefit of my experience.

We don't always want to talk to our friends and neighbors when we are suffering like this or even our nearest and dearest; we want to find confidential advice and that is what I want to give to you.  

Use the Diarrhea Nurse site if you want to know the causes of diarrhea and about preventative hygiene. Find out how to protect your family and lessen the chance of them getting ill with the correct hand washing technique and fridge safety.

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Perhaps you need to know more about diarrhea during pregnancy, baby diarrhea or toddler diarrhea?

Do you need to know about the chronic diarrhea suffered by people with gluten intolerance or inflammatory bowel disease? Find out about the brat diet, dehydration treatment and other remedies for diarrhea.

If you have a worrying symptom like blood when you visit the bathroom (bloody stool) or mucus find the information you need. Yes this happened to me too!

It could be that you see an unusual color staring back at you like black stool or yellow diarrhea or do you have diarrhea following on from constipation?

My goal is that visitors to my website find the reassurance and answers they need. Please browse the pages and you will find helpful information about this sometimes distressing symptom. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see on the website please contact me.

P.S. A note about spelling. Sometimes you will find American spelling, sometimes British! Please humor/humour me.

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