Fluid Chart Healthy Child

The following chart gives information for children who are healthy in normal conditions.

Fluid Chart

Using the Holliday-Seagar Calculation

This fluid chart gives a guide to a child's fluid needs during a 24 hour period calculated according to their weight. It is only for use with healthy, well children in normal (not extreme) weather conditions. A child who is vomiting, overheated or ill in any other way may have different fluid needs and should have medical supervision.

Up to 10kg a child needs 100ml per kg, at 10-20kg a child needs 1000ml + 50ml per additional kg, over 20kg a child needs an extra 20ml per additional kg on top of this.

Child's Weight

Water/Liquids Needed

5kg (11lbs)

6kg (13.2 lbs)

7kg (15.4 lbs)

8kg (17.6 lbs)

9kg (19.8 lbs)

10kg (22 lbs)

11kg (24.2 lbs)

12Kg (26.4 lbs)

13kg (28.6 lbs)

14kg (30.8 lbs)

15kg (33 lbs)

16kg (35.2 lbs)

17kg (37.4 lbs)

18kg (39.6 lbs)

19kg (41.8 lbs)

20kg (44 lbs)

25kg (55 lbs)

30kg (77 lbs)

500ml (16.67 oz)

600ml (20 oz)

700ml (23.33 oz)

800ml (26.67 oz)

900ml (30 oz)

1000ml (33.33 oz)

1050ml (35 oz)

1100ml (36.67 oz)

1150ml (38.33 oz)

1200ml (40 oz)

1250ml (41.67 oz)

1300ml (43.33 oz)

1350ml (45 oz)

1400ml (46.67)

1450ml (48.33 oz)

1500ml (50 oz)

1600ml (53.33 oz)

1700ml (56.67 oz)

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