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Poop synonyms are everywhere:

Cack Crap Deuce Do-Do Dooky Dung Excrement Feces Jobbie Keich

Number Two Plop Poo Shit Stool Turd

but people do not always know the words that doctors and nurses are using.

You may have asked yourself what is the medical term for poop or what is the proper word for poop?

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DiarrheaNurse has put together a mini dictionary of a few of the words you might need if you go to visit your doctor with a digestive complaint so that you can understand what is going on and so that you know a bit more about how the digestive system works.

Follow the links above to the poop synonyms but also scroll through the pages to explore other words related to the gut.

You will also find the words to describe your problem if you do not want to use everyday slang.

For example feces is a word you might hear your doctor use but you might not use it yourself in everyday life. You might say poop if you are American or poo if you are British or even caca if you are French.

The solid waste that we expel from our bowels has many different names and so does the gas that often comes along with it.

Of course they will have heard it all before so you needn't worry but hey sometimes we want to sound slightly more informed than our teenage son.

Why is it that boys tend to be more interested in bodily functions than girls?

Occasionally though slang words can be useful to describe our problems so you will find some useful slang terms as well.

However, there is not room for all of the many inventive words that exist so I suggest you use the Urban Dictionary if you want to sound really cool!

So read on to find out more about poop synonyms and other related medical and slang words in this alphabetical mini dictionary!


Alimentary Tract or Canal

Poop Synonyms - Diagram of Alimentary Tract

Alimentary means 'relating to nutrition or providing nourishment' and the alimentary tract or canal is a tube which stretches from the mouth to the anus (butt hole) and exists to process the food we eat so that we can extract the elements we need to help our body grow and function.

This is also known as the digestive tract or the gastrointestinal tract.

The upper alimentary canal consists of the mouth, pharynx (the bit that connects the back of the mouth to the food pipe), esophagus (food pipe), stomach and duodenum (the beginning of the small intestine).

The lower alimentary canal is made up from the second and third parts of the small intestine, all of the large intestine and the anus.

The digestive process is aided by other supplementary organs; the tongue, salivary glands, gall bladder, pancreas and liver.


Butt or bum hole. Also arsehole (vulgar); more commonly used to mean a despised person.

The anus has two sphincters the internal and the external one which are muscular rings one inside the other. We have conscious control over the external one but not the internal one. It is connected to the rectum by the anal canal which is about 4cm long.

The sphincters communicate with each other and analyze tiny samples of feces and gas. They then give this information to the brain which decides whether it is a good time to evacuate or not.

However, if the brain says no too often this can result in a break down of communication leading to constipation. 


The appendix is a small worm-like tube with a closed end, a bit like a stocking. It is connected to the cecum or caecum which is a pouch at the beginning of the large intestine.

Some doctors and scientists believe that the appendix is a shriveled version of a much larger cecum which in the past would have been used to digest leaves and other foliage as it still is in some animals today.

A more modern interpretation of its use is as a place where a set of gut flora (good bacteria) are kept to replace the flora swept away by diarrhea following an intestinal infection.  A bit like a reboot of the system.

In reality it is possible that both definitions are correct.

Although most people do not suffer side effects after removal of the appendix it has been found that it is much harder to recover from a C.Diff infection if you do not have an appendix, for example.

Sometimes the appendix becomes inflamed and infected requiring removal or appendectomy.

Ascending Colon

The ascending colon is the first part of the large intestine which lies towards the end of the digestive system. It is a tube about 6-7cm in diameter between the cecum and the transverse colon.

It starts just above the right hip and travels upwards to just under the liver where it starts to bend round into the transverse colon.

Its function along with the aid of friendly bacteria is to remove water, salts and vitamins from ingested food and start to solidify the liquid waste into solid poop.

Ass - Arse

This is where we could run into transatlantic misunderstandings as this Anglo-Saxon word which is more than a thousand years old has a slightly different pronunciation on either side of the pond.

In the USA ass = buttocks but not in the UK where we say 'arse' although be careful as arse is a lot more vulgar in the UK than ass is in the US!

Brits only use the ass word to mean the animal or a stupid person.


A fart or letting go of gas so loud and large that it compares to an earthquake.  (N.B. also a form of ass shaking dance)

Just the word 'quake' can be used.

Sometimes also used to describe a massive bowel movement or explosive diarrhea. Also called a 'shitquake'.

Automatic Flush

These devices for flushing the toilet are also known as auto-flush. They are activated by sensors if you wave your hand in front of them. They are normally found in public places and are loved by people who worry about being contaminated by germs.

They do help to keep the toilet cleaner but they can have their downsides.

As they are normally located at the back of the toilet they can be activated if you make the wrong movement. This has happened to me and it is quite a shock!

DiarrheaNurse Tip:

  • Don't lean back!


Backdoor Trots

Having 'the backdoor trots' or just 'the trots' means to have bad diarrhea.

This phrase although still used now, comes from an earlier time when people had to run out of the back door to the outhouse when diarrhea struck!

Bali Belly

A term for diarrhea used in Australia as they are more likely to travel there than Dehli!


Bile is a green/yellow/brownish bitter fluid secreted continuously by the liver that aids in the digestion of fat and the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

It also excretes bilirubin which results from the breakdown of old red blood cells.

Bristol Stool Scale

A scale from 1-7 used to describe the consistency of our stools with 1 being the hardest or most constipated and 7 being diarrhea. The best numbers to have are 4 and 5!

Bristol Stool Chart

Bowel Movement

In America when you pass feces it is known as a bowel movement and this is often shortened to BM if you want to be extra polite.

Brits tend to say 'opening your bowels' as in 'how many times a week do you open your bowels?'


Cack - Poop Synonym

This poop synonym and slang word for poo popular in the north of the UK is interesting as it exists in quite a few other languages such as kacke in German and caca in French.

In the UK we also have the expression 'I cacked myself' meaning to have a bowel movement into your clothes and 'I was cacking it' meaning being so scared that you almost or actually do.

Cack-handed meaning clumsy also has the same root, as traditionally the left hand was reserved for wiping after a bowel movement and left handed people were seen as clumsy as they lived in a right handed world.

Cecum - Caecum

The cecum is a pouch which connects the small and the large intestine or colon and is located in the bottom right of the abdomen. It is also attached to the appendix.

It is separated from the small intestine by the ileocecal valve which stops liquid waste from going backwards and also helps with the absorption of Vitamin B12 and bile acids.

Dysfunction of the ileocecal valve can lead to reflux and is often a contributory factor in SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).


The colon is an alternative name for the large intestine.

The first part of the colon is the cecum which connects to the small intestine and then afterwards follows the ascending colon, the transverse colon, the descending colon and the sigmoid colon, the bendy bit just before the rectum or back passage.

The colon is home to trillions of microbes most of them friendly and helpful.

There are about 300-1000 different species which work in harmony with our bodies to help break down our waste products.

Some of these species are inherited, some are picked up on our travels and their health and diversity is affected by how many fruits and vegetables we eat.

These microbes can also communicate with our brain using a layer of brain cells which runs throughout the gut!

The main function of the colon is to firm up the feces by absorbing water from the liquid waste which it receives from the small intestine. It also absorbs small amounts of salts and vitamins but most of the nutrients we need are absorbed in the small intestine.

Our poop is moved along towards the exit by series of contractions called peristalsis.

As you probably already know some people have lots of contractions with a fast transit time and other people have to wait around a bit longer for the colon to do its job!

Courtesy Flush

You know the embarrassing situation when you suddenly get caught short needing a large bowel movement in a public bathroom?

Some people believe that you should employ a courtesy flush. This is when you flush before you have finished to spare the other people in the adjacent stalls having to smell too much of what is going on.

Some people also think that you should do this if you are in a friend's bathroom and don't want to leave too much of a stink behind you!

Crap - Poop Synonym

This is one of the poop synonyms and slang words for feces that can also mean something of bad quality. 'To talk crap' means to say things that are considered to be foolish or not true.

Can also be used as a verb 'to crap' and the related word crapper means toilet.

Crop Dust

To pass wind in a crowded area, either so that nobody knows it is you or sometimes to get certain people to move out of the way.

This saying is related to the spraying of crops by aircraft, a method employed on the very large farms in parts of the US.


Defecation - to defecate

The act of having a bowel movement and passing feces. Usually used in formal situations.

This word comes from Latin and its original meaning was 'to purify or clear away dregs'.

Delhi Belly

Another name for traveler's diarrhea because India has been a well known place to pick up intestinal infections.

Descending Colon

The part of the colon or large intestine on the left side of the abdomen which travels down between the transverse to the sigmoid colon.

Deuce - Poop Synonym

This poop synonym comes from the idea of feces being a number two because deuce means two. To 'drop a deuce ' means to have a bowel movement.


A small piece of dried dung hanging from the anus hair of an animal but this can also happen to us if we don't wipe carefully enough.

It also means a foolish person.

DiarrheaNurse Tip:

  • You are more likely to suffer from this if you are very hairy but be careful about any hair removal as this is a delicate area. Some people carefully trim, use hair removal creams or get a well trained professional to wax.

Do-Do - Poop Synonym

Another one of the poop synonyms for feces especially in a phrase like 'I have do-do on my shoe'.

Dooky - Dookie - Poop Synonym

This slang name and poop synonym which is popular in America was adopted as the title of a Green Day album because when on tour they kept going down with diarrhea.

They were originally going to call it Liquid Dooky but thought the name a bit too gross.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are produced by specialized cells within our digestive system and released to help us break down the food that we eat.


Breaks Down

Produced in the


Starch into sugars

Salivary glands, Pancreas, Small Intestine


Proteins into amino acids

Stomach, Pancreas, Small intestine


Fats into fatty acids and glycerol

Pancreas, Small Intestine


Take or have a dump - A slang expression for to have a bowel movement; usually a large one. The association with it being large is because dumps are usually large places.

This expression is considered somewhat vulgar.

Dung - Poop Synonym

This poop synonym is usually used to describe the feces of animals but it is sometimes used for humans.


This is the first part of the small intestine. It receives chyme (partly digested semi-liquid food) from the stomach and continues the digestion process by using various chemicals.

It receives digestive enzymes from the gall bladder and the pancreas via the common bile duct and the pancreatic duct which help in the digestion of food. It also absorbs certain nutrients, including iron, calcium and vitamin A.

Hormones secreted by the duodenal wall decide when the pylorus, the exit valve from the stomach, can open to let the partly digested food through.

It can be prone to ulcers partly due to the high acidity of the chyme arriving from the stomach.


Esophagus - Oesophagus

Poop synonyms - Diagram of Esophagus

Medical word for the tube which transports food from the mouth to the stomach. Often called the food tube or gullet in everyday life.

Excrement - Poop Synonym

One of the poop synonyms for feces coming from Latin and it is normally used in formal settings.

Poop Synonyms Continued

This mini dictionary does not cover every word that our ever inventive minds have come up with but I hope that these poop synonyms and other words related to the digestive system have been useful. 

For the rest of the alphabet please look at the following pages:

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